Flying is exiting, for experienced pilots as well as for beginners. Would you like to learn how to fly? This is the place!
Aerial photography, advertising, plane rental, it’s all possible. Curious? Get in touch….

ATN Aircraft Division

An aviation maintenance company which values quality and service.

ATN specializes in contemporary and historic aircraft and engines and has extended knowledge of repairs, restoration and even rebuilding aircraft from scratch.

A newly built Fokker D-21 from 1939 by the original drawings is worldwide acknowledged proof of the available craftsmanship.


GRAAG! which means "with pleasure" is our airport restaurant.

Unfotunately, because of the current Covid 19 measures it is closed until further notice.


Skydive Hoogeveen

With Skydive Hoogeveen you can experience a free fall from great altitude during a tandem jump.
You can also take a course to learn to skydive yourself.
Demonstrations at parties or events by our  Skydive Showteam can be arranged.

Vliegclub Hoogeveen

Glider flying is much more than just flying without an engine. A glider pilot can gain hundreds of meters of altitude in a short time span. It's done by keeping the glider inside "thermals", columns of rising air which has been warmed by the sun as it shines on the earth. The glider keeps on flying by continuously trading altitude for speed. This way large distances can be travelled. Under the rightconditions distances of over 300 km are no exception.