Opening hours

As a result of the Corona crisis our hours of operation have been changed, at least until April 6th,
from 10:00 LT until 17:00 LT. Regardless of the change to DST.

See actueel for more information.

Because of the holidays we are closed 24-12 / 26-12 and 31-12 / 01-01.

When in doubt, call: +31 528 266 640

Flight preparation

KNMI General Aviation FORcast
KNMI Luchtvaart meteo
Zilt Meteo, meant for watersports but also useful for aviation (e.g. excellent wind forecasts & Bracknell wx charts).

FAA (Not always complete!)

EAIP The Netherlands

Charts: (Not updated!)
Visual Approach Chart
Aerodrome Chart

Fuel types

The following fuel types are available at EHHO:

Fuel Price per litre
Avgas 100 LL

Mogas 98 Ethanol Free


€ 2.79

€ 1.41

€ 1.92

Throughput Jet-A1 pump ~ 70 l/m.

Prices are subject to change without notice .
Regular visitors may apply for a fuel card which allows unrestricted fuelling. Applicable charges will be settled once a month through preauthorized debit.

Airport Charges

MTOW ≤ 1500 kg.
Overland landing

Local landing

Touch & Go 




MLA Aircraft
Overland landing

Local landing

Touch & Go

10 Landings card





Glider p/day





An MLA 10 landings card is valid for 10 landings, no distinction being made between overland, local or touch & go.
For aircraft with a MTOW > 1500 kg. a surcharge applies of € 10,– up to and including 3000 kg. and € 20,– for higher weights.

Charges must be settled with airport management directly after the flight.
Accepted means of payment are: cash, debit- or credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Regular users may apply for an account with Hoogeveen airport.
Applicable charges will be settled once a month through preauthorized debt.


Operational information

  • Glider flying may take place daily.
    Winch launches are not allowed during opening hours.
  • White markers will be used to indicate the separate landing areas of gliders and power driven aircraft.
    Gliders normally  land on the South side  of these markers but may occasionally land on the main runway.
  • Parachute jumping may occur on the airfield and at Echten (3 NM West) as mentioned  in AIP ENR 5.5.
  • EHTRA 14, 14A en 14B are relevant for operations at EHHO. Ref. AIP ENR 5.1.
  • Grass cutting will take place at irregular times.