Just recently Hoogeveen Airport, known as the “Home of Historic Aircraft”, has added a new specimen to its collection of vintage aircraft. After years of extensive research and part-by-part constructing based on old, original Fokker blueprints, Egmond Vintage Wings has succeeded in bringing to life a unique piece of Dutch aviation history.
It was on May 23 that an original 1:1 (re)built Fokker D.21 took off from Hoogeveen’s grass-strip for its maiden flight. This type of fighterplane played an important role in Dutch air defense during the early days of May 1940, when Germany invaded Holland.
Meanwhile, following this maiden flight, the aircraft is undergoing extensive aerial trials, prior to being officially certificated for demoflights, etc. All in all this beautiful specimen, registered PH-XXI, will become a familiar sight to see at Hoogeveen Airport.
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